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Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Green Parasitic Fly - Rutilia sp. Family Tachinidae

Jupitter News _ This page contains pictures and information about Green Parasitic Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. This fly also known as Bristle Fly. 
Subfamily Dexiinae, tribe Rutiliini, body length 15mm 

The fly's hairy body was bright metallic green in colour, with gold and black patches near the base of the wings.
wpe1.jpg (27727 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (35749 bytes)
wpe5.jpg (37693 bytes)  wpeB.jpg (39983 bytes)
In early summer, we saw many of them resting on Iron-bark gum tree trunk in Karawatha Forest Bushtail track. There is a place with many Iron-bark gum trees and openly facing a downhill slope. There could be a place where the males meet the females of this species. 
wpe9.jpg (32232 bytes)  wpe7.jpg (32779 bytes)
DSC_1951.jpg (111726 bytes)  wpe10.jpg (73601 bytes)
Amount them there is the different colour form. They are found at the same place so we believed they are the same species.
DSC_2036d.jpg (133858 bytes)  DSCN2488.JPG (138376 bytes)

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