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Sabtu, 03 September 2011

Manfaat Air Urine Bagi Kesehatan Manusia.

Jupitter News urine, or urine is the name of the Creator. He is the liquid remaining complex biochemical reactions that occur in the body. Although the wastes, human urine still contains chemicals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. When the pile and not issued, it will be a poison that actually harm the body.

Some 70% of food (nutrition) for human consumption issued in the form of urine. Within a year, one can remove the urine of approximately 500 liters. This amount is equivalent to 4 kg of nitrogen, 0.5 kg phosphorus, and 1 kg of potassium. All three include an important element in plant growth.

Urine Fertilizer
Although sometimes smelly, urine was brought benefits. Examples of the use of urine that is now emerging as crop fertilizer. In some countries, fertilizer urine is part of a program called Ecosan waste utilization.
Ecological Sanitation (Ecosan) inspired by the many environmental problems, particularly related to household waste such as feces. Formerly, most consider it a useless waste so often thrown away. However, actual feces may be processed in such a way that is more efficient. In addition to be able to maintain soil fertility, this technology can also help achieve food security.
A number of countries have started to promote waste recycling program this man. Call it China, Zimbabwe, Mexico, India, and Uganda. In fact, some European countries also participated in the program, such as Germany and Sweden.
According to Ian Caldwell and Arno Rosemarin of the Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden, the use of urine and human waste as fertilizer is the primary means of implementing sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, it can help to achieve food security and support the availability of better nutrition.
Meanwhile, studies of human urine as fertilizer have also been carried out by MnKeni with her friends from the University of Fort Hare, South Africa. In general, research shows that the use of urine as a nitrogen source is proportional to the urea fertilizer. Nevertheless, this result depends on the sensitivity of the harvested crops of salt levels (salinity) of land where farming. Therefore, need supervision in the use of fertilizer is urine.
Many Advantages
Urine fertilizer has many advantages, both in terms of environmental, economic, and social. In this environment, the use of this fertilizer to improve the handling of public health. Urine fertilizer use are also able to increase crop yields so that the standard of living improves. In other words, the urine can reduce poverty.
One of the problems that concern this type of fertilizer use is the sense of plant products. Logically, the use of urine as fertilizer is likely to affect the quality of the crop. However, these issues are ignored by the research Surendra K. Pradhan and colleagues from the University of Kuopio, Finland.
They compared the use of human urine as fertilizer for cabbage with artificial fertilizer industry. The result, the ability of urine as fertilizer with artificial fertilizer industry at a dose of 180 kg N / ha.
Even the growth, biomass, and chloride content of plants was slightly higher when using fertilizer urine. Insects are usually disrupted due to the use of industrial fertilizers is also reduced by using this natural fertilizer.
Research scientists proved that human urine can be used as fertilizer without threatening the value of hygienic plants meaningful. In addition, the taste of food products are also not diminished even though the plant is to be given fertilizer raw materials of urine.
Water Taste Tongue Art
The presence of human urine contains substances that the rest of the body's biochemical reactions not only used as fertilizer. Smelling fluid also encourages researchers to create an electronic tongue. The tongue is composed of a variety of potentiometric chemical sensors was used as a detector failure of system function and urinary creatinine levels.
Creatinine is a breakdown of creatinine phosphate in muscle. These compounds are normally present in urine, which is equal to 0.5-1 mg for women and 0.7-1.2 mg for men. However, an excessive number indicates there is damage in the kidney.
In addition to group the urine samples studied, an artificial tongue is also able to distinguish urine samples of healthy people who have a disease with bladder tumors. With urine analysis of data generated may know the type of tumor, whether malignant or not malignant.
Sign of God's Greatness
Human urine, was not merely useless fluid. A series of benefits is owned by the liquid. This is another proof of the greatness of God. Really, nothing is wasted all that has been created by Him is no exception urine.
Therefore, it is fitting man grateful for what God gives. Indeed, only he can make vile things such as human urine, can function like a fertilizer and disease detection. This is because Allah is the only God who has the nature of the Creator and Knower, as his words: "Verily Rabbmu, He is the Creator, the Knower" . (Surat al-Hijr 15:86)

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