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Kamis, 03 November 2011

Scary Food

Scary Food
Jupitter News _ I guess I am probably like the majority of the Australian population in that I am very reluctant to try anything too 'different' or 'edgy' when it comes to eating things.

While I have eaten water buffalo, bush turkey and goanna from my days working in the bush, I can still not bring myself to eat a snail or a witchety grub. I have tried to eat a withcety grub and I feel very un-Australian that I could not bring myself to do it.

Of course, having the good fortune to live in one of the 'have' countries when it comes to food gives me the option to pick and choose what I eat. Which means I can quite easily say 'no' to something if I don't like the look of it. Many people in the world do not have that luxury.

A quick search on the internet found many interesting (bizarre) foods that can be eaten in various parts of the world. I have made a selection of the ones that I would find it the hardest to eat and would need to be quite hungry to try.

Let me know if you have eaten any of these 'delicacies'

Duck Foetus




Ox Penis



Snake Blood

Spider (A very big one!)

Worms Sushi

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