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Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Panglima Burung Suku Dayak

Jupitter News _ Hi bro, we rang a few days the news of the death of the person most in your time on this earth by the Americans that Osama bin Laden, why are so crowded bro, probably because of the controversy in the treatment Obama bury the bodies into the sea and also the photographs that circulated in fake news media believe, ahh nggk endless discuss the issue bro, now we are into the mystery of this one first bro, up, s of pictures of birds at the top commander, was a fake bro .. nggk reception, immediately wrote SEEP Yes.

In the Dayak people, believed to be a creature which was mentioned very Court, Way, Knights, and charismatic. The figure is said to inhabit the mountains in the interior of Borneo, and the figure is always in contact with the supernatural. Then figure highly in dewakan by the person dayak considered a spiritual leader, warlord, teachers, and elders are honored. Dayak is the warlord, Commander of the bird, called by the Dayak Pangkalima inland.
There are countless versions of the story about this figure, especially after his name sticking out during the riots of Sambas and Sampit. Someone mentioned he had lived for hundreds of years and lived on the border between West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. There is also news of the Commander of the intangible magic bird and can be shaped male or female depending on the situation. Also on the figure of the Commander of the Bird which is a Dayak community leaders who have gone, but his spirit can be encouraged to communicate through a ritual. Until the story says he was an incarnation of the hornbill, a bird considered sacred and holy in Borneo.

There is also a version that tells us that the Commander of the Bird is the title given to a commander on the ground Meliau, the District, West Kalimantan. Commander of daily life is like ordinary people (just do not get married) and the figure of his commander will be present if there is chaos in the land of Dayak. Likewise with the Commander of the Dragon. Commander of the Dragon is a resident of Nanga Mahap, Sekadau District, West Kalimantan.Commander of the Dragon has passed away, but he has a nephew and family. One of the Dragon is the nephew of the Commander of District Council members Sekadau 2004-2009. So Bird Commander, Commander of the Dragon is a figure that actually exist. So tell me which version.

In addition to the many versions of the story, across Borneo there are also many people who claim to be Commander Bird, either in Tarakan, Sampit, or Pontianak.
Then how a Commander bird, how could he represent the Dayak?. In addition to powerful and invulnerable, Commander Bird also is a figure of calm, quiet, patient, and do not like making trouble. This is consistent with the typical Dayak people who are also friendly and patient, sometimes even shy. Quite difficult to persuade people to want to be photographed inland Dayak, sometimes had to deliver compensation in the form of clove cigarettes.But any claim that only believed in three different ways: some believe, some do not believe, and there is a hesitation. There has been no authentic evidence to make sure one of them is really the true Commander Bird. There are so many outstanding issues and stories, but there is one version which I think is very suitable to describe what and who it Penglima Bird. He is a figure depicting the Dayak people in general. Commander of the Bird is the symbol of the Dayaks. Whether it's nature, his actions, and everything about him.

And the reality on the ground breaking all the stereotypes of the Dayak as a cruel, vicious, and violent. In social life, the Dayak people can be fairly shy, still receive newcomers with good, and always maintain the integrity of both religious heritage and rituals. As Penglima birds inhabit the patient and remain calm inland Dayak community too much to give in when loggers and gold miners into their territory.
Although still firmly holds the teachings of the ancestors, there was never any conflict when members of society are turning to the religions brought by immigrants.
Boisterous life of the settlers did not make them angry and do not turn into tension in the space environment is called the Danum Dayak people Ngaju Kaharingan.

There is one case Commander Bird down the mountain, that is, when after continuous patient and his patience was exhausted.
Simplicity was identical with the figure of Commander Bird. Although an eminent figure, he does not reside in a palace or a luxury building. He was hiding and meditated in the mountains and with nature. Inland Dayak community has never concerned with the nominal value of money.The newcomers could easily berbarter goods such as coffee, salt, or cigarettes with them. Commander Bird told ra
rely manifest itself, because it is not like the show of strength. Likewise the Dayaks, who are not haphazardly into the city carrying a saber, chopsticks, or arrows.These weapons are generally used for hunting in the forest, and the saber is not released from tainted (sarongs) if no subject is important or urgent. So where is the culture of violence and fury of the Dayaks who was widely talked about and feared?

Commander of the birds was a very patient person, but if the limits of his patience had crossed the line, the case will be different. It will become a pemurka. This is really a perfect depiction of the Dayak people are friendly, shy, and the patient, but will be turned into a very vicious and cruel if it is his patience has run out.

Commander of the Birds of wrath will soon go down the mountain and gather his forces.Traditional rituals in West Kalimantan called Red Bowl will be made to collect the soldiers saentero Dayak of Borneo. Bersahut war dances-replication, saber firmly attached at the waist. Those people who had been an excellent would look creepy. The smile on her face disappeared, replaced by malignant eyes like hypnotized. They are ready to fight, Mengayau (beheaded) and take a head that is considered the enemy is everywhere and can only be stopped when the head of the customs that are considered representative of the Commander of the Bird awaken them.

This is what happened in Central Kalimantan town of Sampit few years ago, when the decapitation occurs everywhere in almost every corner of the city. 
Though cruel and ferocious in anger, as well as Bird Penglima Dayak people still cling to the norms and rules which they believe . Among others, it does not pollute the sanctity of places of worship of any religion by destroying it or killing in it.
Because violence in the Dayak community was placed as an option or a last resort, when patience was exhausted and could no longer be a peaceful road traveled, so they believe in their point of view.
Murder, and activities mengayau, in their little hearts could not be done, but because it pushed to the last option and to change what they think is wrong, it should be done. And this is the actual culture of violence is to be feared.

Mystique is very identical to the Dayaks. Vicious and cruel stereotypes still attached. It was not all good, because there are many shortcomings and mistakes. What's more violence, whatever form and for some reason it's revenge, economic, social inequality, and others still can not be justified. An eye for an eye will only lead to blindness for all.Apart from all kinds of legends and myths, or whether the character real.
Commander Bird for me is a symbol of the true figure of the Dayak people.

Amun ikam kada maulah ulun visual cloud, kada gene ulun handak bahual nevertheless opposed casing instead ulun maangkat cloud dingsanak casing, so that in say the Banjar Kalimantan in particular to describe the attitude of the Dayaks.

Okay bro up here was the story of Commander Bird thank you for visiting this simple blog, bye. Peace from Jupitter Pandawa

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